YO LA TENGO – ” Live At National Sawdust “

Posted: March 8, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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There’s A Riot Going On

Debuting songs from their new album “There’s a Riot Going On”, On February 27th, Yo La Tengo performed an intimate show at the Brooklyn National Sawdust, happy to share footage of their full performance from that night. There’s a Riot Going On is due out March 16th via Matador Records. Check out Yo La Tengo’s tour date

A lot is made of Yo La Tengo’s love of the cover version. Sir Douglas Quintet. Sun Ra. The Rutles. The Parliaments. From 1990’s impeccable Fakebook through to 2015’s Stuff Like That There their knowledge and love the Hoboken indie-rock trio have for rock canon is as genuine as it is impeccably observed.

We know Yo La Tengo can sound like The Flamin’ Groovies, but, well, what do Yo La Tengo sound like? Only four non-covers albums since 2003 and their sound is as timeless/predictable (delete as applicable) as it was in their 90s heyday.  With a knowing album title and a sound that is exactly as warm, textured, soothing, dreamy and downright Velvety as you’d expect, There’s A Riot Going On initially appears to be very much Yo La by numbers. Shades of Blue’s Velvets/Beach Boys paean to introspection, She May, She Might’s gauzy psych-lite, Polynesia #1’s twilight exotica that would fit snugly on 1997’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One; gorgeous, woozy numbers all but no surprises all the same. A whole album might not have been quite there – the band have happily described it as an “accident” – but when these jams were manipulated and added to drones, snippets, loops and pieces from unused film scores and sessions dating back as far as 2007, what would emerge was familiar yet wonderfully not.

Given the source material, There’s A Riot Going On was never going to be the sonic revolution that Sly & The Family Stone-referencing title might suggest, but it is an invitingly disparate sound collage that will seduce fanboys and newbies alike.

Yo La Tengo are still the critic’s favourite band with maybe too much of a thing .

Yo La Tengo play songs from There’s a Riot Going On Check out more shows from National Sawdust:


00:00 You Are Here 10:25 Forever 16:20 for you too 23:14 Shades of Blue 27:40 Let’s Do It Wrong 32:00 She May, She Might 39:30 Out of Pool 44:40 Ashes 51:00 Here You Are

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