CAMP COPE – ” Lost: Season One “

Posted: March 6, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It’s a sad fact that whenever anyone goes to a gig, they run a very real risk of being assaulted, attacked, or harmed in some way. While it’s not a new trend, the modern age we live in allows for these heinous acts to receive greater attention, and thankfully allows for those responsible to be called out and brought to justice.

As we reported earlier this year, numerous artists, such as Melbourne’s Camp Cope, have joined the #ItTakesOne campaign, intended to make everyone more safe at gigs. Camp Cope’s end goal is obviously to see this behaviour stamped out completely, but the #ItTakesOne campaign’s first step is to ensure that environments exist in which this behaviour is not tolerated at all. With the rising popularity of the campaign, we’re becoming ever-closer to a point in which we will hopefully never have to hear about people being assaulted at gigs.


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