PARQUET COURTS – ” Almost Had To Start A Fight / In And Out Of Patience “

Posted: February 22, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Parquet Courts have announced that they will release their fifth album ‘Wide Awake!’ – produced by Danger Mouse due on 18th May, and the band will be heading out on a worldwide tour in support.

On working with producer Danger Mouse, A. Savage explains: “The ethos behind every Parquet Courts record is that there needs to be change for the better, and the best way to tackle that is to step out of one’s comfort zone. I personally liked the fact that I was writing a record that indebted to punk and funk, and Brian’s a pop producer who’s made some very polished records. I liked that it didn’t make sense.”

For both Savage and co-frontman Austin Brown, this record represents the duality of coping and confrontation. “In such a hateful era of culture, we stand in opposition to that — and to the nihilism used to cope with that — with ideas of passion and love,” says Brown. He goes onto say that he found himself “writing songs I’ve been wanting to write but never had the courage” on this record.

A deluxe vinyl includes a 16-page double booklet of art and illustration by the band’s Grammy-nominated artist A. Savage – available exclusively from the Rough Trade Records webstore and all other indie relatailers. Here’s a sneak peek:  get a load of “Almost Had To Start A Fight / In And Out Of Patience” – the first (double shot!) track to be unleashed from the album:


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