The DIVINE COMEDY – ” Loose Canon ” Live In Europe 2016-2017

Posted: February 16, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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We are pleased to announce that ‘Loose Canon – Live In Europe 2016-2017′ will be available internationally on CD, digital download and to stream from Friday 16th February!. Following the success of their ‘Foreverland’ album and tour, The Divine Comedy release a 17 track live album. Recorded at various dates over the band’s 16/17 European tour, the album contains both standout tracks from ‘Foreverland’, classic songs from Neil Hannon’s extensive catalogue and hits such as ‘National Express’ and ‘Something For the Weekend’. This is a fabulous memento of the ‘Foreverland’ tour for longstanding Divine Comedy fans and newcomers alike. The ‘Foreverland’ tour was attended by over 100,000 people in the UK and Europe. Some quotes from live reviews include: “The Divine Comedy remain a life-affirming joy”. “He makes you laugh, but what lifts the comedy towards the divine is the fact that he also makes you think.” . “Bittersweet ambiguity, where irony meets sincerity and levity shades into melancholy”

Loose Canon was recorded during the band’s 2016/2017 ‘Foreverland’ tour and originally sold through our Merch stand and online store. The good news is that we’ve widened our distribution to all good record emporiums, so if you missed out on adding this collection of electrifying performances to your collection – grab one while you can! This CD is a limited run and will not be reissued.

Here is the track listing to whet your aural appetite –
1. How Can You Leave Me On My Own
2. Napoleon Complex
3. Catherine The Great
4. Bad Ambassador
5. To The Rescue
6. The Complete Banker
7. Bang Goes The Knighthood
8. Generation Sex
9. Our Mutual Friend
10. Funny Peculiar
11. A Lady Of A Certain Age
12. At The Indie Disco
13. I Like
14. National Express
15. Assume The Perpendicular
16. A Drinking Song
17. Tonight We FlyWith digital downloads, streaming and CDs there is more than one way to experience The Divine Comedy on stage! Have a night in and let us provide the soundtrack.

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