ROXY MUSIC – ” Peel Session ” 4th January 1972

Posted: February 1, 2018 in MUSIC
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Roxy Music were recognisably human, but were just… better, somehow. Art spivs in an enchanted mirror. You could still, in a pinch, imagine them hanging around at the same fairgrounds as us, but they’d have been painting the Waltzers onto a triptych instead of physically spinning them.”

The newly remastered 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of Roxy Music’s debut album is out tomorrow. But for now here is a Peel Session from the same year the album was released .

The complete session recorded by Roxy Music on 4th January 1972 for John Peel on the Friday Night Is Boogie Night show on BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on the 21st of that month.


1. Remake Remodel (0:07)
2. B.O.B. Medley (5:05)
3. Would You Believe? (10:54)
4. If There Is Something (14:43)

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