The SECRET BUTTONS – ” Some Buttons Should Never Be Pushed! “

Posted: January 27, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Secret Buttons describe themselves as a “dirty rock ‘n’ roll band from Perth, Australia,” and  listening to their album “Some Buttons Should Not Be Pushed,” proves right away what an apt and fantastic description that is. The Secret Buttons‘ debut EP is here. Raw & straight-up, this North Perth trio draw influences from the old & new school of RocknRoll,
delivering a new look at an old dog. Here they deliver 8 songs recorded in the unique & dirty rock style
that The Secret Buttons do best, lazy but fast, high-octane lethargy. It’s honest Rock’ n Roll made
from the basic utensils, bass, drums and guitar..

The band rocks in that timeless way, pairing a driving beat with growling rock vocals, it’s that good old power trio that’s worked for ages and continues to do so, from the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Nirvana to these fellas right here. It’s the perfect thing to listen to when you need a pick me up, a little energy, a little bounce in your step.

The guys from the band maintain a fantastic twitter account, which I high recommend following just because they are nice guys who post fun pictures and great music, and everyone needs more of that in their feed. And if it doesn’t convince you to check out their album,



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