RORY GALLAGHER – ” De Hanenof Geleen Netherlands ” 12th November 1987

Posted: January 26, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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I can’t imagine one single person without a happy face when leaving the hall after being at this show. Even so, this recording has one big problem: it is too short!
So, here’s about 51 minutes of Rory Gallagher at De Hanenhof, Geleen, Holland on the 12th of November 1987 and beware, this is the kind of show that turns you addicted to Rory’s music!

Rory Gallagher -Live set from De Hanehof, Geleen, Holland 12th November 1987


1 Walkin Blues 2 Pistol Slapper Blues 3 Messin With The Kid 4 Out On The Western Plain 5 Don’t Start Me Talkin 6 When My Baby She Left Me 7 Bullfrog Blues 8 All Around Man 9 Nadine

The Band:

Rory Gallagher – Guitars, Vocals
Gerry McAvoy – Bass
Brendan O’Neil – Drums
Mark Feltham – harmonica


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