The SHINS – ” Mildenhall “

Posted: January 14, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Shins lead singer James Mercer, pictured in the band's new video for song Mildenhall. Picture: The Shins

James Mercer gives a country-ish story song the Shins treatment, complete bubbling sound effects and a big entrance by a skating rink organ. The sound is comfy and relaxed, but the sweet storytelling is the star. Mercer recounts the details of his musical awakening as an Air Force brat – bonding with the cool kids over shoes, concerts and a tape by the Jesus and Mary Chain.

An American indie rock band with roots in Suffolk has released a tribute to Mildenhall as its latest single.

The Shins latest release, Mildenhall, reflects on leader singer James Mercer’s time living at RAF Mildenhall as a teenager. The musician moved to the airbase aged 15, after his dad was stationed there. The lyrics say: “At 15 we had to leave the States again, dad was stationed at an RAF station they called Mildenhall.

“Black moss on a busted wall, the cobblestones made it hard to skate I thought my flattop was so new wave, Until it melted away in the Suffolk rain. Well god damn, you miss the USA.”

The song, featured on the band’s Heartworms album, talks about watching bands down the corn exchange and his sister’s time at the local tanning salon. “I wonder where my sister was that night, back at home under the tanning bed lights, “I can still see the glow, strange rays from her window each night, as I was skating home.

“Started messing with my dad’s guitar, taught me some chords just to start me off, “Whittling away on those rainy days “And that’s how we get to where we are now.”


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