VAN WILLIAM – ” Cosmic Sign “

Posted: January 13, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Van William

My folks’ little cabin in the Sequoia National Forest is where i wrote most of my record “Countries.” In the midst of a clusterfuck breakup and other human dramas, i moved up there for a while with my best bro, Pip the Angel dog. With no cell phone, internet, or other people. just me, pip, my guitar, and the sequoias. It was total seclusion. it feels pretty amazing and bizarre that those intimate moments will be out for everyone to hear so soon . Thanks so much to all of you for coming along with me. the support has been fucking incredible ,My debut solo album is out in 1 week! You can still order and get vinyl early with a signed postcard! Today we are releasing the album version of “Cosmic Sign”, which was the last song written for my debut record Countries. I wrote it after the election when I was feeling particularly dark and my initial instinct was to go hide in a cave somewhere.

I challenged myself to write a song from the perspective of the version of this country that I love and yearn for. Despite the monsters in the White House, I still have great hope for this country, and I wanted to reflect that in memories I have from traveling around, getting inspired by the people and places that actually make this country what it is. I am gearing up to head out and get inspired again.


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