INHEAVEN – ” Re-Generation “

Posted: January 7, 2018 in MUSIC
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INHEAVEN by Steve Gullick

Unlike the political snark of some groups, or the activist message of others, INHEAVEN creates music out of a love of, well, just music.  “All those bands you grew up loving, especially those that changed your life ,owning that t-shirt and buying that record, looking at fanzines – you kind of owe it to them to carry it on. You want to do what all your favourite icons did,” explains singer and guitarist James Taylor. “Nirvana were a massive influence for me growing up, and the Clash for their ideology. Sonic Youth, the Cure…”Lyrically they just go with what comes naturally, rather than trying to be topical or on some sort of message. “I just write how I feel really,” says Taylor.

Chloe Little, on bass and vocals, laughs: “I’ve tried to be clever before and ‘say something’ with lyrics, but it just came our awful. We’re better just going with how we feel.”

With a sound echoing some of the ’90s shoegaze and grunge they explored in their teens, INHEAVEN understand that semi-obsessive streak that fans experience. “Bands are so emotional,” says Little. “I used to grab hold of everything I could and just cling onto it, pour over it.”

Having released just four songs into the world, their own fans are already responding with excitement


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