Posted: January 2, 2018 in MUSIC
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Liverpool DIY punk outfit blur the lines between everything, from sexuality and gender to global politics. On tour with Marmozets in February.  Two months ago, it would have been easy to perceive the Liverpool group as light-hearted and charmingly crass; shooting misandrist fuzz punk songs from the hip in the name of radical feminist solidarity. Now, it’s evident that Queen Zee and the Sasstones has always been a platform to express dysphoria and confusion. A coping mechanism. “I created the Zee character in order to live how I needed to live”, Zapata-Jones explains, “I think I grew into it.”

That lovable goofiness that the band initially radiated doesn’t exist by accident, though. In fact, ‘Queen Zee and the Sasstones’ in its earliest form was purely a name on a gig poster, there was no intention for anybody to play under that name. Eventually, with five days to go until the show, Zee and Em Dee, a long time collaborator of theirs, decided that they’d bring the band to life and play the show; their set consisted solely of a chaotic cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’.

Band Members
Zee, Jason, Frankie, Dave, Courtney

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