FEVER RAY – ” Plunge “

Posted: December 29, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Taking a plunge into Karin Elisabeth Dreijer’s sound world can be as unsettling as it is exhilarating. Even though the sometimes brutal yet oddly buoyant electro-pop of her (now-defunct) sibling duo The Knife remains a fundamental element of the songs she creates as Fever Ray, the project continues to expose her broad range of influences, from dark metal to African music to the soundtracks of David Lynch and Miami Vice to the work of Meredith Monk and Kate Bush. And while the cumulative effect can be as chilly as a New Year’s Eve party in Göteborg, there’s always a charge—and sometimes even a warmth—thanks to the stormy emotions and vulnerabilities that exist just below the surface.

Eight years have passed since Fever Ray entered cryogenic sleep, and Plunge’s deliriously bright first single, “To The Moon And Back,” marked both a welcome return and a breath of fresh air for Karin Dreijer’s haunting synth-pop project. The album as a whole turned out to hold much darker, more intense pleasures, not unlike 2013’s Shaking The Habitual, the last album Dreijer released with brother Olof as The Knife.

Fever RayMustn’t Hurry. Taken from the new album ‘Plunge’ which is out now:

But Plunge anchors its relentless provocations in the most relatable of matters: desire, particularly the forbidden kind. The record’s danceable mania and confrontational spirit, summed up in the line “One hand in yours and one hand in a tight fist” (“A Part Of Us”), make it one of 2017’s most brazen, guaranteed to leave your heart racing and your lip bleeding.  Stand out track “An Itch” twitches and scratches with monomaniac insistence, whereas “Wanna Sip” is like an electro Bond theme performed by a lost tribe. The mood here is definitely a shade perkier than Fever Ray’s debut, with “To The Moon And Back” initially suggesting she’s flirting with a Hi-NRG pop approach. But the song’s strange and erotic lyrics swiftly remind you that Dreijer is as fascinated by extremes as ever.


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