POSSE – ” Kismet “

Posted: December 28, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Posse’s “Kismet” as the inaugural release in their Document series! ,
Taking inspiration from the original concept behind the founding of the label’s attempt to document our home city of Omaha through music and art, each release featured in the Document series will comprise of an exclusive 7-inch record featuring unreleased music from various artists outside of the label’s roster and a specially curated zine highlighting the artist’s hometown / music scene.  This Seattle indie rock band had a poet laureate, Posse would since 2010, across two previous albums, the trio chronicled the banality and disappointments of life in their Northwest city with wit and sadness and hilarity. The sound they crafted to accompany their stories  were beautifully spartan; just two guitars and a drum chugging along in a haze. Check out the bands EP “Horse Blanket” it is the band’s final record having decided to call it time up. I really hope we hear somethinhg soon from its members.


Band Members
Sacha Maxim
Paul Wittmann-Todd,
Jon Salzman
Saddle Creek started up as a way to spotlight and document what was happening in the music and art community of Omaha, NE. We know there are a lot of great music scenes all around the world that don’t have the spotlight they deserve, so with that in mind we thought creating this series would be a cool and unique way to reference our past while at the same time reaching out to bands that we aren’t currently working with and allowing them to shine a light on the art and music of their own communities. It’s our way to try to capture a band and a city in a specific place at a specific time.”

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