Oso Oso – ” The Yunahon Mixtape “

Posted: December 16, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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An album inspired by mixtapes, early 00’s indie, punk, and a hint of fourth wave emo that creates huge waves of nostalgia for an idyllic time that probably never really existed, but you wished did. As a fan of early Shins and Death Cab, this is definitely my vibe. Clean but unfussy production, driving riffs and melodies, superb lyrics and vocals

The Yunahon Mixtape is a remarkably solid, ever-endearing chunk of meaty indie-rock songs and among the first great records released of 2017, It snuck out via Oso Oso’s Bandcamp page on January 13th. Such is its charm and longevity, however, that we’re still finding new things to love about it as the year pulls to a close. Heartfelt, fearless, nostalgic, and fun, the Yunahon Mixtape is the year’s quintessential record, a dizzying escape from this mess of a world with just enough to remind us what we’re always escaping from the normal.



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