LITTLE STAR – ” Providence “

Posted: December 16, 2017 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Little Star have announced a brand new EP, “Even In Dreams” a new four-song set which is due for release on January 12th via Good Cheer and Hidden Bay Records. Though the aforementioned record was recorded and released as a trio, Little Star was initially the solo project of Daniel Byers and Even In Dreams is a return to that guise, though it features the first work of Byers’ to come from the studio rather than his own bedroom setup.

Unveiled this week, lead track ‘Providence’ is a hazy little pop song that immediately carries you in to the new chapter. All wilting guitars and fading vocals, the track makes for a hazy but gratifying escape from the world, the sound of a day slowly crawling to a close, the people we miss and pine for disappearing in to the night alongside the surrounding vista. There’s a hint of The Smiths in the despondency, a little dash of Deerhunter in the intricate details, but this also feels like a compelling new page for Little Star; a tender and eminently pretty piece of music that brilliantly sets them up for 2018.


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