CLOUD NOTHINGS – ” Enter Entirely “

Posted: December 5, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Unlike most peers who refuse to outgrow the simplicity of their hooky riffage, Dylan Baldi’s songwriting has continued to bloom without softening a thing. New album “Life Without Sound” is every bit as revelatory as 2012’s more ambitious and abrasive release Attack on Memory, yet he’s flirting with arena-rock territory.

This is not to say the Ohio band doesn’t still love harsh guitar riffs and introspective lyrics, and on their latest single, “Enter Entirely,” Dylan Baldi reflects on what it’s like to watch your life pass you by. Instead of moving forward, Baldi finds himself frozen in time, isolated and contemplating what steps he can take to be the person he wants to be: “There’s someone I would like to be if I could be, but the path is frightening,” Baldi raspily sings. But he also admits to self-sabotaging along the way with “a bottle of wine,” and as the chorus hits, you can feel Baldi settle back into himself (“Moving on but I still feel it, you’re just a light in me now”). He surrounds his rumination with crashing guitars that confidently pay homage to Pavement.

That woozy, lonely, and bitter feeling at the end of every late-night walk home, when you realize there’s nowhere else in the world you’d rather be than yesterday. “Moving on but I still feel it/ You’re just a light in me now”

 Dylan Baldi puts things into perspective with another must-squeeze anthem that wraps our love-torn wounds with gauze and distortion. Once more, he throws his weight into repetition, bludgeoning our bruises until they’re blistered and screeching. This one hurts.

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