TY SEGALL – ” Ty Segall ” Best Albums Of 2017

Posted: December 3, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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On 2013’s Sleeper, the prolific Ty Segall turned off his amps to try his hand at an honest folk record. The next year’s Manipulator saw him summoning the ghosts of Bowie and Bolan as a glam-rock mystic.

This time last year, Segall was donning a screaming baby mask during live shows to further heighten the disturbing and chaotic horror punk of the album Emotional Mugger. But perhaps as a welcome sign of clarity, this year’s Ty Segall features no such overarching concepts, themes or consistent styles. Instead, these nine songs (10 only if you count the untitled guitar belch at the end) distill his many talents into his most concise album in years. Along with Charles Moothart reprising his role behind the drumkit, Mikal Cronin returning on bass and Emmett Kelly on guitar, newcomer Ben Boye (Angel Olsen and Bonnie “Prince” Billy) contributes keys. But the album’s secret weapon comes in the not-so-subtle touch of ordained punk saint Steve Albini, who recorded and mixed the record in his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago. This collection of monster riffage (“Break a Guitar”), country waltzes (“Talkin’”) and folk gems (“Orange Color Queen”) is neatly packaged summary of why Segall is a modern rock ‘n’ roll treasure.

While Albini allows the crunching tenacity of “The Only One” and combustible licks of “Freedom” to truly pummel, it’s the openhearted lead single “Orange Color Queen” that really steals the show. Ty Segall provides a neatly packaged summary for why the singer is a modern rock ‘n’ roll treasure.


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