The XX – ” I See You ” The Best Albums Of 2017

Posted: December 3, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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By all accounts, this third album by The xx was a make or break point for the band. After two acclaimed and brilliant albums of electronically-fueled downer pop, producer Jamie XX, bassist/vocalist Oliver Sim and guitarist/vocalist Romy Croft were unsure how to continue or, at times, even if they should. But through a healthy amount of trial and error, the trio emerged with their strongest statement yet.

Released by Young Turks; “I See You” is a welcomed return from the acclaimed trio. Not quite as insular and closed as on previous album: some of the most rousing, revealing and emotive music of the xx’s careers. Coexist was the last album (2012) and, in the ensuing five years, a lot has changed in that time. The xx, on I See You, are more expansive and colourful than previous records,  perhaps influenced by member Jamie’s L.P., In Colour.

Not as shy and mournful as their first two albums; this is the xx at their evolving best; taking what they created before and adding new dimensions and layers. Brave for You is one of the most breathless and tender tracks they have created; On Hold that empathic lead single. Fans of their early work might take some adjustment getting used to the xx 2.0 – it is a welcomed shift from a unit that was in danger of being lost in a sea of like-minded copycats. By changing their game whilst remaining, pleasingly, the same they have shown there is plenty more gas in the tank. Whether they will be releasing another album shortly or not; do not bet against the trio creating another huge smash. An album already lauded and affirmed by critics: future single releases (from I See You) will get the album into new hands and to fresh ears.


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