The LIMINANAS – ” Shadow People “

Posted: November 30, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Limiñanas
The French duo the Liminanas, a dream object that has become a reality for passionate fans of a purist rock that does not stop a pinch of second degree, continues its well-marked path. While waiting for the album to be released in January, discover “Shadow People”, a tasteful taste of their new vintage.

“Doing something new with the old”, such would be the credo of Lionel Limiñana , head of the monomaniac duo of Perpignan whose aura continues to grow. And if it was more the opposite, make old with new? Basically, what does it matter, since the result is the same, the group now proudly heading for its aesthetic line dictated by an immoderate love for the dark underground rock of the Velvet’s or the garage primitive sound of the Standells combined with the most cheerful songs of yéyé and Italian sixties pop. A fine rigor that once made happiness, in their genres, Cramps or Jesus & Mary Chain and, today, at random, Moon Duo. With the Limiñanas a Frenchy touch that makes the difference, this zest of glamor and romance distanced that reinforces their singularity.

Shadow People , is a new album to be released on January 19th, mainly recorded in Berlin in studio apartment of the fan of choice Anton Newcombe, brings some small changes in the continuity. Some variations sound, reinforced by a small skewer of guests, as  Emmanuelle Seigner, Betrand Belin or Peter Hook (definitely addicted to the duo and so back), and, novelty, a common thread – the term concept album would make them an insult: the record unfolds vaguely songs the journey of a young man (Lionel) grown in the 80s to his groups on the margins that have shaped his taste and his style forever. Suffice to say that the Limiñanas persist and sign, concocting with as much flavor, hardly retouching the recipe, this good old dish which we definitely do not get tired. For proof, in scout of the album, the clip of Shadow People, shot at home, in Cabestany, in front of the discotheque Ikea furnished with the couple, with guest encrusted star Emmanuelle Seigner.

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