MODERN BASEBALL – ” You’re Gonna Miss It All “

Posted: November 8, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Modern Baseball’s second LP on yellow vinyl,  “You’re Gonna Miss It All” is the Philadelphia band’s second full-length, for one thing. Beyond that, songwriter Brendan Lukens recently finished his second year at Drexel University, and he never lets you forget what 21-year-old college students are often like , Its culturally literate,  blurring the line between introspective and self-obsessed, impressed by their capacity for clever wordplay and emotional awareness while knowing both of those qualities conspire to prevent people from saying what they actually feel. And due to the all of the aforementioned, Lukens is kinda full of it, too. He won’t exactly lie to you, but he’ll tell you what he aspires to be while doing the exact opposite.

Along with fellow Modern Baseball songwriter Jacob Ewald, Lukens frets over the past, future, and especially the present. He thinks about the next five minutes, the next morning, and whether his death will be cool enough, he worries a hell of a lot about himself, and how other people figure into that. It’s a lot to endure because people in Lukens’ situation get drunk most every night, stumble into relationships, and run from their problems. If you’re in this emotionally state, you’ll relate to You’re Gonna Miss It All directly and deeply. its a wealth of infectious songs that are both sharply observed and sharply written.



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