NRVS LVRS – ” Lost To The Max “

Posted: October 28, 2017 in MUSIC
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San Franciscan, dark-synth duo NRVS LVRS with their blend of 1980’s guitar-pop and brutal, minimalist electronica. The band recently released their excellent sophomore album, “Electric Dread”, and have this week shared the video to the track, Lost To The Max.

Lost To The Max brings Bethan Fernandez’s, effortless, soaring vocals to the fore, Beneath the stunning vocal exists a twitching palette of glitchy Fever Ray like beats and pulsatingly, gloomy synths. It’s not the soundtrack to Blade Runner 2049, but it really should be. The accompanying video is superb; working with director Lauren Tabak, the film taps into the songs feelings of the alienation and victimisation of women. As the chorus of female characters come together to sing en-masse, “I have always been a target”, the video builds to a justifiably vengeful finale. Stirring and inspiring.

The song is a haunting examination of such devastating and historic abuses suffered by women. The subject matter is heavy here but there aren’t many vocalists that can get such daunting subject matters out in beautiful dark pop as Fernandez. It’s possible this is her best performance. Which is an impressive feat considering the band’s stellar catalog


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