The MOONLANDINGZ – ” Black Hanz “

Posted: October 24, 2017 in MUSIC
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The Moonlandingz are a semi-fictional outsider Ouija pop group invoking all of the special powers of the super-group. This particular incarnation includes members of Fat White Family and The Eccentronic Research Council. Their co-producer Sean Lennon adds a final bit of clout to this rambunctious union of comedy with serious pop-rock credentials. Their conceptual history comes complete with a stalker called Maxine Peake. The band members also have a predilection towards bread jewellery and mustard hair gel. Apart from being talented, funny and dressed like a human sandwich, it has also been reported that they stink. Iggy Pop would like them, and Johnny Rotten would eat a sandwich off the frontman’s face. Does that make sense? There’s a fictional part of us wanting to corner one of them to see if it’s all for show, but we don’t have the guts for that kind of sandwich. The Moonlandingz are totally believable.

Space rock collective The Moonlandingz widely praised as one of the best live bands in the UK at present, Their shows can be ‘Magnificent, cosmic and batshit’ while The Guardian have hailed their ‘Feral antics and louche anarchy’ onstage. Comprising of Eccentronic Research Council’s Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer alongside Fat White Family’s Lias Saoudi (aka frontman Johnny Rocket) and Saul Adamczewski, following a year’s worth of incendiary gigs, the outfit have confirmed their debut LP ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ will appear end of March.
Combining propulsive synth loops, glam rock guitars and off kilter pop melodies, the disc was produced at Sean Lennon’s studio in upstate New York and features contributions from Yoko Ono, the Human League’s Phil Oakey, Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor and Arctic Monkeys/MIA producer Ross Orton on drums. 


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