Posted: October 19, 2017 in MUSIC
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Emi Night singer songwriter writes vivid, empathetic portraits of all the heartbreak and beauty of adolescent existence. “In The Garden, In The Night” is Strawberry Runners’ official debut, but the project has been around in some form since 2013, and all five songs on the EP unfold with the unhurried pace of the supremely confident, blooming from intimate, spare folk to homespun indie-pop grandeur full of horns and harmonies. And at the center of it all is Night’s voice, plainspoken and clear, facing down life’s hardships with quiet grace: “All the dark and scary things will never go away/ But we’ll be bigger than them someday.”

Official music video for “Dog Days” by Strawberry Runners, From the EP In The Garden, In The Night 

Emi Night: vocals, guitars, mandolin, additional percussion
Davy Timm: trumpet, vocals, keyboards
Sam Kelley: guitars
Tyler Morse: bass, vocals
Max Barcelow: drums, vocals, additional percussion
Rich Goldberg: keyboards


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