SABRINA LAWRIE – ” Hush The Mountain “

Posted: October 9, 2017 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Following a tough year in 2016 that saw her spend several months recovering after a serious fall, Sabrina Lawrie has bounced back in a big way. Having signed with nascent local label Pig City Records late last year, Lawrie released her long-awaited debut full-length, “Hush The Mountain”, in March this year.

While her renown may not extend as far as some of her fellow Australian contempoaires, those who know her — and know her extensive history as part of Brisbane’s musical fabric — love her fiercely, and her dedicated following in addition to her considerable talent could prove the ace up her sleeve to contend with some of her better-known contemporaries. In describing Hush The Mountain, 4ZZZ’s Andrew Bartlett described the album as “definitely one out of the top drawer”, noting that “the variety and richness within and across the nine tracks certainly have the feel of something that has been developed, crafted and matured over time”.

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