SHAME – ” Concrete “

Posted: September 22, 2017 in MUSIC
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South London upstarts Shame have shared a brand new singleTitled ‘Concrete’, frontman Charlie Steen explains the track as: about someone who’s trapped in a relationship and they’re being pummelled into surrender.

The video and song is called “Concrete.” Musically, its passionate, stuttered guitar and call-and-response reminds me of another U.K. band – Gang of Four from 40 years ago. But Shame’s music feels vital, with 19-year-old Steen and bassist Josh Finerty screaming at each other, revealing the inner dialog of the song’s main character.

Charlie Steen  said that “Concrete” is sung from the perspective of a lounger, an observer. “It’s a flâneur’s perspective on the psychological and emotionally draining effects of a doomed relationship – a moment where all of the worries and thoughts one might feel within this entrapment are isolated and embraced – a moment where the futility of reasoning is accepted.”

The video breaks down the wall between fiction and reality as Charlie Steen leaps off of a treadmill to join Sean Coyle-Smith and Eddie Green on guitars, Charlie Forbes on drums and Josh Finerty on bass.


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