R.E.M – ” Automatic For The People ” 25th Anniversary Reissue

Posted: September 22, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Warner Bros.

R.E.M will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its hit Automatic for the People LP with a deluxe reissue later this year. Following the successful release of Out Of Time, their first album with Warner Bros. Records, R.E.M. began work on their eighth studio album Automatic For The People which was to be an album full of faster, more upbeat songs . The end result, however, was music that frontman Michael Stipe described as “very mid-tempo” and “pretty fucking weird”. But those weird songs, including “Drive”, “Everybody Hurts”, and “Man on the Moon”, would help the album go platinum four times in the US, six times in the UK, and be considered one of the best albums ever released by the band.

The band broke the news via social media, telling followers the Automatic anniversary edition should arrive this autumn. Although we’re still waiting on specific details regarding the set’s contents, it’ll presumably follow the pattern established by last year’s deluxe 25th anniversary reissue of Out of Time, which added demos, live tracks, videos, and new liner notes to the remastered LP.

Automatic for the People‘s reissue is being supervised by the freshly launched Craft Recordings imprint under Concord Bicycle’s label umbrella. As recently announced via a Concord press release, Craft was established to help the company place a greater focus on its large and expanding vault of catalog recordings by a variety of artists and labels, with an emphasis on the deluxe packages that have surged in popularity over the last several years.

“Using the original analog masters whenever possible, the company will create thoughtfully produced, detailed packaging with a commitment to preservation and a meticulous devotion to quality,” reads the company’s press release. “Further, Craft Recordings will continue to partner with artists and estates to preserve and enhance the musical heritage of these landmark recordings and compositions.”

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