TY SEGALL and the FREEDOM BAND – ” Live at Rock En Seine ” 2017

Posted: September 16, 2017 in FESTIVALS, MUSIC
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Ty Segall has a mountain of song at his disposal and he’s capable of wielding boulders from it at any given moment in any situation, be it live or on record! His “Fried Shallots” EP came out a month ago to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union, but Ty Segall is liberally still touring off the back of January’s Self-Titled release, a masterpiece of his ever evolving catalog! Accompanied by the ever flowing Freedom Band, Ty is set to tackle the Southwest portion of our sketchily divided yet still damn fine country later this month (after a quick Canadian stop-over for two solo shows!)! One thing that unites us all is the power of rock n’ roll, goddammit, which is exactly what’s gonna be served up on a platter each and every night at the shows below, if you want to feel it, live and loud!


Break A Guitar 05:38 – Freedom 08:02 – “Alta” 13:18 – “Fanny” 16:40 – Finger 21:06 – Warm Hands (Freedom Returned) 34:38 – The Only One 38:53 – Caesar 42:09 – Girlfriend 44:50 – Love Fuzz


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