AARON LEE TASJAN – ” Silver Tears “

Posted: August 31, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Aaron Lee Tasjan, aka ALT, is a songwriter and guitarist and performer. I’d stay away from him if I were you.

Aaron Lee Tasjan fell over and broke his wrist. “It could have been much worse” he said. “I could have broken my guitar”.  This man is interested in his guitar and his music more than anything else.

I come not to tell you how incredible Aaron Lee Tasjan is but seeing this is his album I suppose I should make some sort of effort. After all, he’s made three cool albums and he came up with that great guitar riff that Jack White plays on I Believe In Elvis Presley record.  Aaron rides into town with his guitar and his little amp and a bag full of gizmos and a wild suit that would make Lefty Frizzell wince. He’s got the tunes, he’s got the verbal, he’s got the humour and the heartbreak and the hat. “There must be some way outta here” as Bob said. And there is. ALT by name and altitude by nature.
Like Dan Penn and Neil Young, this is white soul that is beyond colour and full of colour, heart to art and vice versa, the voice authentic with the dust of the road. Songs of pain and redemption, of loss and longing and toleration and elucidation and maybe elevation, which way is up? And d’you mind if we have a laugh along.



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