The TALLEST MAN ON EARTH – ” In Little Fires ” Ep. 1 of The Light in Demos

Posted: August 10, 2017 in MUSIC
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“In Little Fires” is the first episode of a video project I started working on last month. I’ve decided to produce, write, direct, record, shoot and edit a series of videos by myself and release them here as I finish them. Each video features a demo of a new song or a cover that I record live on camera (except when friends join, their parts will likely be overdubbed).

While I love playing shows, and will get back out on the road eventually, I’ve found myself wanting to record what’s right in front of me, but not just through song, and not months or years after the fact. And while making music is endlessly inspiring, so is being quiet enough to stare at the way the light hits the barn.

I want to share the light and the sound, but not without a bit of risk – I’m not used to sharing demos – and not without a bit of uncertainty – I don’t have a plan other than to post a video every other week. Subscribe to my channel to see them as they happen. I hope you enjoy.  K.M.

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