FRATURNAL TWIN – ” White Sulfur ” Songs Ohia Cover

Posted: July 13, 2017 in MUSIC
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Evergreen is a new benefit compilation for Hour Children, an organisation that helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children successfully rejoin the community with a view to building healthy, independent, and secure lives. You can pre-order it right now over on Bandcamp, both digitally and on cassette tape.

Released on July 10th, the compilation features  Hand Habits, Free Cake For Every Creature, Sitcom, and much more. Taken from said compilation,Fraternal Twin’s cover of Songs: Ohia’s “White Sulfur”, a tender reworking that sits in the nightly ether between both of the two artists’ work.

Inspired by one of its numerous, crushing passages, the kind of which Jason Molina so excelled at carving out of the paralysing emptiness (“It’s a very powerful, personal and actually pretty political lyric that seems to express something like a friend that lets you down in a big way“) Fraternal Twins’s take on the track is a dimly lit and beautifully fragile homage, Tom Christie’s wavering vocal drifting sullenly above the DIY-instrumentation that makes his own work such a compelling journey.

never forget it was triumph we once proposed
instead, you would trade our mission for mission words

White Sulfur is, since the first time I heard it years ago, one of my favorite songs,” Christie tells us about his choice to cover the track. “The guitar melody is just so bleak and Jason Molina’s voice resonates over the recording. It captures a very specific unnameable feeling for me…”



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