SON LUX – ” Remedy “

Posted: July 10, 2017 in MUSIC
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“Remedy” by Son Lux takes on weighty political issues with deftly measured artistry. And, like most of Son Lux’s work, it is deceptively complex. For example, while opening track ‘Dangerous’ sounds like a fairly straight-forward chamber-pop on the surface, the layers in evidence when you listen closely are startling, a mind-boggling musical lasagna over which Ryan Lott pours his tremulous vocals like a thin but potent Béchamel sauce.

The grinding mechanisms at play go up another gear on the intentionally disjointed ‘Part of This’, which finds Lott left exhausted by recent political events and yet determined not to let his outrage fade. Over stuttering clockwork rhythms, he moves from the denial of “I don’t want to be a part of this” to the acceptance of “Now I have to know the body count”, finally reaching the promise of retribution: “Now I have to know the bodies count”. The dynamic, defiant ‘Stolen’ follows, before the title track wraps things up with song seemingly about the healing power of music. Needless to say it proves its point by dint of its very existence. And with all profits from Remedy going to the Southern Poverty Law Center, .



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