SIV JAKOBSEN – ” Bullet ” Martin Hviid Remix

Posted: July 7, 2017 in MUSIC
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With each passing listen, we find ourselves falling deeper and deeper in love with Siv Jakobsen. Utilising oft-ignored music pillars like dynamics, silence and space, Siv Jakobsen tears your ribcage open to pluck out your still-beating heart; you’ll be left stunned and haunted, but somehow, Jakobsen makes you believe that everything will all be okay anyway. Her lo-fi guitars and trembling piano riffs melt into gorgeous vocals, and when congealed together, the music is ruthlessly emotive to the point it should come with a warning label.”


The debut album The Nordic Mellow by Siv Jakobsen is out August 25th 2017.
Singles Shallow Digger and Like I Used To are out now world-wide:



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