ALEX CAMERON – ” Candy May “

Posted: July 6, 2017 in MUSIC
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If you haven’t listened to Alex Cameron’s work before, you should know Cameron has never shied away from less-savory topics in his music. On Jumping the Shark, his Secretly Canadian debut, the 28-year-old Australian native inhabited the psyches of wild, far-out characters, crafting a bleak, immersive world. His forthcoming LP, Forced Witness, due out September 8th, continues in that same vein: a danceable and dangerous earnestness, a sense of honesty that heals and relieves, even as it cleaves us or makes us laugh in self-defense. Once again, Cameron offers us vivid portraits of misfits who look at the world without illusion.

Discovering the album Jumping The Shark last year was truly one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made, and Alex Cameron is amongst the most electrifying and mesmerising characters in music right now.

Recorded in Berlin, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and produced by Cameron along with Foxygen‘s Jonathan Rado, these tracks at first seem shamelessly entertaining, the driving rhythms and rousing melodies embellished at every turn by Roy Molloy‘s warm horn work. But the love songs and anthems of personal resilience contain as much raw humanity as they do a savvy grasp of the impossible loneliness of the times, especially apparent in the song, “Stranger’s Kiss”  Cameron’s affecting duet with Angel Olsen (who also sings backup on lead single, “Candy May”).

‘Candy May’ from ‘Forced Witness’ out Sept 8th on Secretly Canadian Records


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