GRACIE and RACHEL – ” Don’t Know “

Posted: June 27, 2017 in MUSIC
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Gracie and Rachel are a study in duality: light and dark, classical training with a pop sensibility, Californians in New York. Their music pits anxiety and tension against an almost serene self-assurance on their self-titled debut, and their live show is equal parts fierce drama and delicate intimacy. In case you missed it, we recently released a music video for the last song on our record, “Don’t Know,” a piece that asks us to put down our phones and wake up to the surveillance state, making our first encounter with color as we escape to mother nature. The artists describe the track as “a song of empowerment and an urgency to fight back from being controlled,” sentiments that have never been more front-and-center than they are now. With “Don’t Know”, Gracie and Rachel voice concerns relevant to an entire generation.

Their music is a compelling juxtaposition of Gracie’s piano and lead vocals and Rachel’s violin and voice, augmented with stark percussion. The nine orchestral-pop songs on Gracie and Rachel tell a story that’s rooted in the truth —their truth — but retain an enigmatic air that makes them relatable to anyone who has ever found their heart racing with doubt and pushed forward regardless, or triumphed in subverting expectations imposed from without.

“I think that’s representative of how I feel as a human being, of how Rachel feels,” Gracie says. “It is our story, but we’re working to express a duality that’s open to everyone.”

“Innovative beautiful music. Passionate devotion to honest storytelling. Eminently stimulating to listen to.”


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