SARAH JANE SCOUTAN – ” When the Bloom Falls From the Rose “

Posted: June 17, 2017 in MUSIC
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Sarah Jane Scouten is an acclaimed singer songwriter in her native Canada ,she’s notched two Canadian Folk Music Award nominations — and beyond, earning praise from outlets in the U.S. and U.K. alike. This Friday she’ll release a new album “When the Bloom Falls From the Rose”, that showcases her agile voice, ruminative songwriting, and love for classic country, indie pop, and everything in between.

“Thematically, this album is about the bloom falling from the rose or a loss of illusion,” Scouten says. “Sometimes this is disillusionment and sometimes it’s a revelation that is full of light, like a Milan Kundera book. Those are songs like ‘Crack in Your Windshield’ or ‘Rosehips for Scurvy,’ which seem dark at first but are actually about letting go of expected outcomes or even settling into what is not beautiful. When I was two years old my mother died giving birth to my brother, so I learned as a child to hold on too tightly to the things and people I loved, and as I grow older I’ve started to learn how to let go of the desperation of needing situations to turn out just the way I want them to.”



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