VAGABON – ” Fear a Force “

Posted: June 3, 2017 in MUSIC
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Vagabon has had quite the interesting few months since her debut record Infinite Worlds was released back in February. She’s played countless shows and festivals around The States and beyond, and a clip of “Cold Apartment” was even aired on KCET recentlt. Lætitia Tamko is showing no signs of slowing with her release of her newest visual companion for the song “Fear & Force“. Shot on 35mm film, the video gives a short look into a relationship between two people and how easily it can fall apart. Hit the link above to have a gander at what may be the best music video you’ve ever seen. the video meanders through a day two people spend together. They take a drive. They take a walk in the woods and no one else is in sight. For a fleeting moment, they are the only two who exist. Then they are hurled back to reality and reminded how capable they are of hurting each other. The final shots of the film are perhaps the most stunning. They occupy themselves with another, equally delicate and terrifying relationship: the one you have with yourself.

Lætitia Tamko, who performs as Vagabon, reminds me that intimacy, closeness, is perhaps the most expansive thing there is. “Fear and Force” a single from Tamko’s debut album “Infinite Worlds” , is a heart-wrenching testament to that truth.

Hope you fallen in love with the video and Infinite Worlds record already? Wonderful, because Vagabon is going on tour this autumn with other Father/Daughter Records superstar, NNAMDI OGBONNAYA. lets hope they make it to the UK.

“Fear & Force” by Vagabon off her album “Infinite Worlds” available now on Father/Daughter Records. Vagabon is Lætitia Tamko

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