THIN LIZZY – ” Live and Dangerous ” Released 2nd June 1978 Classic Live Albums

Posted: June 2, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Thin Lizzy released ‘Live And Dangerous’ in 1978. Some say it is the best live album of all time. On this day June 2nd  in 1978: Irish hard rock group Thin Lizzy released ‘Live & Dangerous’ on Vertigo Records (UK), one of the classic double-live albums of the ’70s (a decade that was satured with several classic double-live LPs!); the tracks were drawn from concerts recorded in London in 1976 supporting the album ‘Johnny The Fox’ & Toronto in 1977 supporting the album ‘Bad Reputation’, with what is believed to be considerable over-dubbing; ‘Kerrang!’ magazine ranked the album on their list of ‘The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time’; in 2011, British music weekly ‘New Musical Express’ (NME) ranked it #1 on their list of ‘The 50 Greatest Live Albums of All Time’…

In 1978, the then-red-hot Thin Lizzy decided that they wanted to work with producer Tony Visconti, who had made his name working with fellow glam travelers David Bowie and T. Rex. Time was tight, so a live album was in order: “Live And Dangerous” was the snarling result, a document of a band that took no prisoners even on mellower tracks like “Dancing In The Moonlight.” How exactly the Irish outfit came to be captured so effectively is still in dispute; Visconti has asserted that 75 percent of Dangerous was recorded in the studio in order to smooth out the rough spots, but the band vehemently disagrees. “We are a very loud band,” guitarist Brian Robertson told Guitar Player in 2012, “me being the loudest of all of us. So how are you going to replace my guitar when it’s so loud that it’s going to bleed all over the bloody drum kit

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