ALICE MARY – ” Loving Game “

Posted: June 2, 2017 in MUSIC

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It is a stunning song from Alice Mary and one I was curious to learn more about. The author is a classically-trained artist who is a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix. Her debut E.P, I Am Here, is the results of years of training and a devoted and passionate love of music. One hears elements of Jazz, Psychedelia and Classical in her record diversity and contrasts that show up in her own work. Alice Mary has been recording in her bedroom studio and whether that is preferable to the studio. Drummer Alex Walker and bassist Alex Bloxham were influential to I Am Here’s sound.

The singer-songwriter, Electronic producer and guitarist, has been recording in her bedroom since fourteen and am finally releasing her first solo E.P.


The track started out as an instrumental I made when I was messing around with samples of an old autoharp; chopping them up and adding filters and things. The day after I got dumped I wanted to distract myself; so I started writing lyrics and pulling together fragments of lyrics I’d written over the preceding months.

I started singing them over this instrumental and I finished the song that afternoon.


The next song to come out is called Failing in Love; surprise, it’s quite depressing! The other two are more upbeat but still dealing with themes of introspection and self-examination – and something that comes up a lot for me is bouncing between extremes and trying to find steady ground between passion and apathy; love and hate; caring too much and not caring enough.


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