WELLES – ” Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings ” Father John Misty Cover

Posted: May 27, 2017 in MUSIC
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Welles make music that’s influenced from the past but is authentically present. It’s the thoughts and sounds of a busy and energetic mind. Their debut EP Codeine came out April 28th

I heard Sgt. Pepper’s in ‘97 – that album built every bike ramp I had from ‘97-’02 at least. I saw Queen on public access television and that was awe-inspiring. I saw local bands in Arkansas playing “Surf Wax America” in a shed in Fort Smith and that turned me green with envy, gave me a yearning to be the one playing live music late at night. There were tangents, small town dreams of athletic success, maybe be a poet, maybe get comfy with Nascar and Busch Lite in the river valley, marry a mobile home, but when I think of these tangents there’s always a soundtrack. A slide show riddled with clips of Electric Wizard, CCR, White Album, Bleach, Dead Moon, and my homemade attempts. In the end I’d be awfully uncomfortable doin’ anything else.

WELLES – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”  Father John Misty Cover
Recorded Live: 3/31/2017 – Paste Studios – New York, NY


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