LEAH SENOIR – ” Pretty Faces “

Posted: May 26, 2017 in MUSIC
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Leah Senior is the kind of artist best enjoyed alone, indoors and cozy on a cold winter’s day, allowing her exquisite folk sounds to melt your heart.

The depth she achieves with just her voice and a guitar on Where Have You Been? is astonishing, while the subtle strings on Pretty Faces and Jenny are stirring. You Were Not Fit For The Day is wonderfully evocative as Senior spins an observational story, her double-tracked vocals inducing chills. Black Limousine notably shifts the pace of the album as Senior’s backing band joins the fray, to potent effect. With a spellbinding voice and a delicateness to her music that is nothing short of awe-inspiring, Senior is truly something special.

The second single taken from Leah Senior’s new album “Pretty Faces” out May 26th on Flightless Records.

It’s an engrossing release, 10 tracks delicate, dark folk music that grabs you from the first gentle guitar pluck, and refuses to let go across a swirling world that ebbs and flows, all pinned down down to some kind of ethereal reality by Senior’s incredible voice. It’s released on King Gizzard’s own Flightless label, and was recorded and produced with King Gizz’s Joey Walker. It also features musicians Jesse Williams (keyboard/electric guitar), Andi Senior (vocals), Joe Walker (therovox), Michael Cavanagh (drums), Alex Bleakly (bass) and Vince Ward (cello).


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