COURTNEY BARNETT and BLANK REALM – ” How To Boil An Egg ” Split Singles Club No 6

Posted: May 20, 2017 in MUSIC
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Sometimes, a break is called for. Possibly to give an artist a pause for breath, or equally maybe to give the audience a time to reflect, and begin longing for the next thing. For the Princess of Brunswick and environs, Courtney Barnett, this year has seen an almost deliberately lower profile, possibly to recover from that period where the world went crazy for this talented Australian who seemed to be touring ever since. There’s still been room for special occasions – like, you’re not going to knock back singing with Patti Smith now are you? Or the chance to be part of a series of vinyl Split Singles between Barnett and consort Jen Cloher’s Milk! Records cottage industry and the Brisbane’s label of similar attitude, So, a new Barnett tune is here.

A new oldsong called How To Boil An Egg for the Milk Records and Bedroom Suck collaboration Split Singles Club!

Courtney says: I used to perform this song at all the open-mics when i was 21. It never got recorded, so for personal-posterity i updated it and made this version recently when I was bunkered up in the bush doin some demos for my next album. In tradition of the Milk! Records compilation releases, like “Pickles From The Jar” or “Three Packs A Day”, i wanted to include a song of mine for Split Singles Club that was a tad left of album-centre. it’s a songwriting experiment that doesn’t really belong anywhere else.


Well, kinda. How To Boil An Egg (Milk Records!) is a perfect title for the artist, but the tune in fact dates back to her early open-mic days, here recorded for the first time with herself singing and playing everything on it. There’s a slight country twang to it, and her usual eye that can make mundane minutiae so interesting. And don’t forget to flip said record over to hear the also damn good Blank Realm, who have a scruffy charm of their own.


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