ADULT MOM – ” Drive Me Home “

Posted: May 20, 2017 in MUSIC
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Steph Knipe asks a lot of questions on Soft Spots, the new album from Adult Mom , their bedroom project-turned-indie band. Some have to do with sex (“Do you full-screen your porn? / Do you think about me as you watch her crawl across the floor?”), others with validation (“If I am good — if I am REALLY fucking good — will you validate me?”). All of them gesture towards the album’s overarching, frequently autobiographical narrative: a quest for queer truth, self-acceptance and love, a war waged against gender dysphoria and lingering trauma.


Percolated through Knipe’s velvety alto and the band’s sunny, emo-pop palette, the aforementioned queries blossom from a highly personal dialogue into a comforting, contemplative conversation, the artist’s pain acting as a vessel for our own, regardless of gender identity. After all, the emotional hazards dotting the long, bruising path to adulthood don’t discriminate. Pain unites us all, especially in today’s uncertain times.

Adult Mom “Soft Spots” LP/CD/Cassette/Digital out 5/19/17 on Tiny Engines Records


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