MIDDLE KIDS – ” Fill In The Blank ” Car Seat Headrest Cover

Posted: May 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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Middle Kids are a Sydney-based bundle of sheer buzz at the moment, but in our books it’s more than justified.  Their debut EP is an astounding listen and hit single ‘Edge Of Town’ has been a huge song everywhere and bowls us over every time it pops up in our playlists  .

Today, they have a new gem for us in the form of a glimmering piano take on ‘Fill In The Blank’ by Car Seat Headrest, performed as part of their live Sirius XMU Sessions recently. The guitar-based original makes it through the translation brilliantly, maybe even ending up as our preferred version as it comes out the other side.

Of course, Middle Kids are just paying it forward with this cover, having recently been honoured by Something For Kate frontman Paul Dempsey with beautiful arranged version of their hit single .

For more live gems checkout Middle Kids, they’re heading out on tour with Ryan Adams


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