SOCCER MOMMY – ” Out Worn “

Posted: May 17, 2017 in MUSIC
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Photos by Stasia de Tilly

Soccer Mommy has built a reputation as an incredibly exciting DIY artist, recording her own songs and releasing them for free on Bandcamp over the last few years. It’s a reputation that caught the attention of Fat Possum Records, who will be releasing a mini-album Collection on the 4th August.

Comprised of reworked versions of some of her best Bandcamp releases, as well as a few new songs written, mixed and produced by aka Sophie Allison herself, Collection is the perfect introduction to Soccer Mommy’s sound: quietly catchy, surprisingly confrontational, the kind of music that sneaks up on you and makes a permanent first impression. Lead track ‘Out Worn’ is a fine showcase of how Allison spins indie tropes upside down. Open, jangly chords simmer in the foreground, while she astutely relates the tale of a relationship hitting breaking point: “My make up stains over your white tees, bite my nails til’ my fingers bleed,” she sings. There’s a deadly edge to her wordplay, a skill in every line she pens. It might sound simple on the surface, but there’s the sign of a seriously skilled songwriter in there
“You can’t say indie rock is dead,” says Sophie. “It’s just being taken over by women.” That’s the claim of Sophie Allison, whose understated, finitely-arranged guitar pop as Soccer Mommy certainly backs up her case.


The songs on Collection portray an artist fully-formed, mature far beyond her age. Sophie sings of toxic relationships, infatuations, and all the experiences of being a teenage girl. There’s a freedom and a joy to this music, and Collection stands as an excellent introduction to a powerful new voice.


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