FEATURE – ” Banishing Ritual “

Posted: May 15, 2017 in MUSIC
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Punk trio “Feature” released their debut LP “Banishing Ritual” last month, but have already moved on and split which is a real shame. This group has attitude and style combining elements of early Lush and the Ramones into and undeniable punk melange. The lead off track Psalms grabs your attention immediately with its Lush meets Ramones riff and harmonies. The highlight of the record is Schedules Align which starts with a killer riff and features a monotone melody made infamous by OG punks Wire. Like most great records, Feature’s debuts molds its influences into something that sounds at once familiar and new and exciting.  A superb album with a lot of various influences such as Sonic Youth, the Slits, the Fall, the Ramones and even the Gogo’s . Every song is a success and could be a hit if times were different.


I wonder if anyone could convince Sauna Youth‘s Jen Calleja, Slow CoachesHeather Perkins and Liv Willars to get back together and make another record? Maybe selling a couple hundred thousand of their debut long player would do it.

LIV WILLARS (guitar, vox)
JEN CALLEJA (drums, vox)

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