ALEX G (SANDY) – ” Rocket “

Posted: May 6, 2017 in MUSIC
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Beach Music

Now rechristned Sandy (Alex G), the artist formerly known as, um, Alex G, is set to deliver his follow-up to his Domino Recordings debut Beach Music.

Rocket, mixed by Jacob Portrait, will be his eighth album since 2010. The prolific Philly-based singer/songwriter popped up on Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Endless last year and teasers from the new record reveal different sides to his evolving sound: “Witch” is rife with the psychedelic, lo-fi warmth we’ve come to know and love (although the baroque-y tones are a nice addition). “Bobby” on the other hand demonstrates Alex G’s ability to leap across genres, with country-western tones aplenty.

With the release of his Rocket album just a few weeks away, (Sandy) Alex G has shared two new songs from the upcoming record. Like the three tracks we’ve already heard from the album, “Sportstar” and “Brick” present two very different sounds from the Philadelphia artist — the first track is glossy and polished while the second is a two-minute hardcore headbanger. (Sandy) Alex G’s Rocket album is due out May 19th.


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