HAIM – ” Want You Back “

Posted: May 4, 2017 in MUSIC
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After four years,comes a live video single for “Right Now” directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, indie-pop trio Haim are back with another song from their forthcoming sophomore album, “Something To Tell You” .

Its not a cover of The Jackson 5 but similarly named tuned, Haim’s “Want You Back” boasts its own effortless pop style that seamlessly blends Fleetwood Mac, funk and gentle electronica. The sister act crafted that pop confection on 2013’s debut “Days Are Gone” , and they’ve just about perfected it here. Este, Alana and Danielle don’t seem to waste a note during the song’s compact 3:57 runtime. Little acoustic guitar licks with handclaps and warm synth exhalations seemingly without notice. Este’s bass work struts but never gets showy. The sisters include a few call-and-responses that show a cohesion that can only happen from sharing the same blood and practicing together for years. That extends to the chorus, where Danielle raises a voice with her sisters to flatly say: “Just know that I want you back.” She argues “it’s hard to hear” it’s a total delight and so good to have this band back.

Something to Tell You is out July 7th via Columbia Records .


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