JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE – ” Maybe A Moment “

Posted: April 29, 2017 in MUSIC
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Ahead of his upcoming album Kids in the Street, Nashville native Justin Townes Earle has released his fourth single, “Maybe a Moment” accompanied by a new video. It comes as half of a two-song release, which also includes a cover of Paul Simon’s “Graceland”

The son of Steve Earle enlisted Bright Eyes’ Mike Mogis to produce the record, due May 26th

“Maybe a Moment” is the story of one of those nothing-to-do small town days in your teens. Why not drive to Memphis to just “get out of town,” Earle sings. He knows a place where a guy “sells anything to anyone / But I don’t know what time he closes up.” The rocking Americana track captures the impulsiveness of being young, when everything feels so important and critical. It’s Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” ten years earlier, before that insistence gets dark.


Directed by Alicia J. Rose, who also helmed First Aid Kit’s “Walk Unafraid,” the video was filmed in Portland, Oregon and follows two young women early in their romance, overcoming the hate their attraction brings from a couple of ignorant men.  Kids in the Street, the follow-up to Townes Earle’s 2015 Absent Fathers, comes out May 26th and was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska .

The new song “Maybe A Moment”. You can now download this song along with the B-side cover of Paul Simon’s “Graceland” when you pre-order the new album .


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