WOODS – ” Hit That Drum “

Posted: April 23, 2017 in MUSIC
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Today, the Brooklyn-based, genre-defying band Woods released the physical copy of their latest album, and the lyric video for the album’s penultimate track, “Hit That Drum.” The video, filmed from a highway with a skyline view of New York City, slowly pans in black and white across the city’s urban topography.

The song hums with an acute melancholy—the song and album are written about Woods’ process of adjusting to the Trump years. in a press release shared by the band:

There will be parts of life where we will watch as events unfold and we will feel helpless. We will not be sure of the future. On good days, we’ll have each other. On the bad ones, we’ll turn to the art that helps us feel something. Love is Love is a document of the new world we live in, proof that light can come from despair and hope is still possible. We just need a little help remembering it exists.

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