DREAM CLUB – ” Dead Man “

Posted: April 20, 2017 in MUSIC
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If there’s one thing you can glean from the video for Dream Club’s first single “Dead Man,” it’s that the Los Angeles quintet, and in particular frontman Justin Warfield, are having fun. The video, co-directed by Warfield and Spencer Rollins is intentionally shot in the style of live performances on the 1970s German television show “Beat Club.” “It was made to feel like a modern take on early-’70s TV,” Warfield said. “Like the music and everything else, we want it to exist now but with a feel and spirit of the past.”

Dream Club’s music certainly embodies that. With Warfield’s other band She Wants Revenge behind him, his new quintet is embracing classic California rock. He is doing in a band with his childhood best friend, Gianni Garofalo, playing bass, and his wife, Stefanie King-Warfield, singing and playing percussion. Besides Garofalo (Supernaut, One Inch Punch, Tape) and King-Warfield (The Parallelograms), the lineup is rounded out by drummer Justin “Dusty” Rocherolle (Green And Yellow TV, Great Northern) and guitarist Jamie Arentzen (American Hi-Fi), who is responsible for the vintage licks on the lead single.


“It just feels like a late night in the canyon or a highway in the desert,” Warfield says. “I think it is pretty representative of what we do. Sometimes poppier, sometimes more psychedelic, sometimes groovier, but this is a great entry point for someone who is wondering what we’re about. It’s a heavy song, but not in volume or distortion … just around the rhythm section. They are so deep and it just slams, then you add the back-and-forth guitars, me doing my weirdo singy-rap trip and those sweet harmonies. … It’s kind of a, ‘Here we are.’” From the forthcoming self-titled, debut album.

Dream Club (Photo by Chris Beyer)
Written by Dream Club
Produced and recorded by Justin Warfield

Band Members
Justin Warfield
Gianni Garofalo
Justin “Dusty” Rocherolle
Stefanie King Warfield
Jamie Arentzen

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